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Steve Sundquist for School Board
P.O. 21671
Seattle, WA 98111

(206) 938-2967



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Steve Sundquist endorsed by the Seattle Times

"The Best Choice – Most Promise for Reform"

"Steve Sundquist is the best choice… Tested and emerged the better for it… Sundquist's managerial background should help push for greater accountability…"

"Candidate with most promise for reform… Expect to continue important efforts around governance and improving academics. Expect more thoughtful debate and a willingness to bridge the divide on education issues."

— Endorsement, August 27, 2011

Steve Sundquist endorsed by the Municipal League of King COunty


Highest Rating based on Involvement, Effectiveness, Character & Knowledge

Steve Sundquist endorsed by King County Young Democrate
Steve Sundquist endorsed by Stand for Children, Grassroots Solutions Lasting Change
Steve Sundquist endorsed by West Seattle Democratic Women


Steve Sundquist recommended by the Progressive Voter Guide

Recently endorsed by Seattle Times, "Outstanding" rating by Muni. League, West Seattle Democratic Women, KC Young Democrats, Stand for Children, and recommended by Progressive Voter Guide.

Putting Students First

Dear West Seattle Voters:

My youngest daughter just graduated from Chief Sealth International H.S. and my wife Liann and I couldn't be more proud. I'm inspired by the dedicated teachers and education my daughters received, and I want all Seattle children to have the same opportunities.

Putting Students First
I'm a 21-year resident of West Seattle, life-long Democrat, school and community volunteer, retired finance manager, and Fauntleroy Church leader where I helped build consensus for a co-location agreement with the YMCA to serve our community's youth. I am honored to serve as the current School Board President. My leadership and decision-making is guided by a simple, straight-forward question: What's in the best interest of the students?

Increased Access, Accountability, and Academic Rigor
We are making systemic changes to increase access, accountability, and academic rigor, and to foster greater family involvement - all in pursuit of significant gains in student achievement.

  • Reformed the Student-School Assignment Plan so it is neighborhood-based and more equitably delivers education closer to home.
  • Implemented a district-wide School Improvement Framework with plans for every school, including annual on-line scorecards that track progress and increase accountability and transparency.
  • Achieved ground-breaking new contracts with teachers and principals that incorporate student results in the evaluation systems.
  • Balanced the budget, despite the severe recession, through tough decisions that keep resources focused on the classroom where they make the biggest difference.

All of us working together
I take the public's trust and confidence very seriously and believe it's fundamental to delivering a quality education for every student in Seattle. Our work is far from finished. It takes all of us working together. It has been a great honor to represent you on the School Board and I respectfully ask for your vote.


Steve Sundquist

Steve Sundquist