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Key news stories, opinions & editorials on Seattle Public Schools

Closing Seattle schools: bringing excellence to all
Op-Ed, Seattle Times, November 30, 2008
By Seattle School Board members are Mary Bass, Sherry Carr, Cheryl Chow, Michael DeBell, Peter Maier, Harium Martin-Morris and Steve Sundquist.…  Read the entire article here.

Seattle School Board approves talks on school closures
Seattle Times, October 30, 2008
With the Seattle School Board's approval Wednesday, discussions about another round of school closures are about to begin in earnest…  Read the entire article here.

Some schools must close, board Decides
Seattle PI, October 30, 2008
Seattle Public Schools needs to close an unspecified number of schools, save money and address longtime enrollment imbalances that have led to overcrowded schools…  Read the entire article here.

A strategy for closing schools in Seattle
Editorial, Seattle Times, October 28, 2008
Two years ago, Seattle Public Schools closed seven buildings in a strategic step toward running a more efficient system…  Read the entire article here.

90% of seniors pass WASL, but critics say results skewed
Seattle PI, June 4, 2008
More than 90 percent of the class of 2008 have passed the reading and writing WASL…  Read the entire article here.

First steps, finally, to a school vision
Seattle Times, May 14, 2008
Schools Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson has mostly listened and learned about her new city and district…  Read the entire article here.

Seattle Superintendent's Lofty Goals Deserve Community Support
Seattle Times Op-ed, May 14, 2008, By Greg Nickels and Jon Bridge
At the Alliance for Education community breakfast this morning, an expected audience of 800 will hear Seattle school district Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson outline her strategic plan…  Read the entire article here.

Seattle schools chief unveils academic goals in new "strategic plan"
Seattle Times, May 8, 2008
Seattle Public Schools would more than double the number of students meeting college-entrance requirements and vastly improve performance in science and math…  Read the entire article here.

Seattle school chief's plan puts district to the test
Seattle PI, May 21, 2008
The strategic plan Seattle Public Schools chief Maria Goodloe-Johnson unveiled Wednesday would mean…  Read the entire article here.

Voters clean Seattle School Board house a 2nd time in 4 years
Seattle Times, November 7, 2007
A new majority will take over the Seattle School Board in the second major housecleaning in four years…  Read the entire article here.

Single issues out on School Board - Seattle Times Endorsement
Seattle Times, October 21, 2007
The Seattle school district's return to fiscal responsibility and sound stewardship is best advanced by electing Peter Maier, Sherry Carr and Steve Sundquist to the School Board…  Read the entire article here.

Podcast link to the Seattle PI editorial board interview
Seattle PI, July 19, 2007
Candidates for Seattle School Board from Director District 6 talk with members of the P-I Editorial Board. The candidates in the interview were Maria G. Ramirez, Steve Sundquist and Danaher Dempsey…  Listen now (50:34, 23.15MB)

Time to Build a Better School Board
Seattle PI, May 24, 2007
These words describe everyone's favorite punching bag — the Seattle School Board…  Read the entire article here.

We have the power to make school boards more relevant
Seattle Times, May 23, 2007
"In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then He made School Boards."  - Mark Twain…  Read the entire article here.

Who's running for Seattle School Board?
Seattle Times, April 25, 2007
A majority of the seven-member Seattle School Board is up for election in November…  Read the entire article here.

Irene Stewart says she won't seek a second term on the Seattle School Board
Crosscut Seattle, April 19, 2007
And West Seattleite Steve Sundquist announces he'll run for that position…  Read the entire article here.

Steve Sundquist Announces for Seattle School Board
Press Release, April 19, 2007
West Seattle community and business leader Steve Sundquist today announced he will run for the Seattle School Board and established his campaign for Seattle School Director, District 6…  Read the entire article here.

A comeback scenario for the Seattle Public Schools
Crosscut Seattle, April 12, 2007
Threatened with extinction, the School Board got its act together. Meanwhile, a coalition of moderate reformers could dramatically improve it…  Read the entire article here.